“Let’s be honest, I’ve never seen him having a good game for Arsenal before, he’s always the worst player on the pitch”- Arsenal icon Patrick Vieira says he’s never seen 23 years old Arsenal star having a good game before

“Let’s be honest, I’ve never seen him having a good game for Arsenal before, he’s always the worst player on the pitch”- Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira said he has never seen the 23-year-old Arsenal player play well before.

‘I’m just being honest…’ Pundit claims he’s never seen the 24-year-old play well for Arsenal.

Arsenal defeated Sevilla 2-0 on Wednesday evening, but the post-game debate inevitably returned to Kai Havertz.

The German was once again unable to make an impression for the Gunners against the Spanish outfit, and Adrian Clarke has now weighed in on the great Havertz debate on TalkSPORT (9/11/23 6:42AM).

Clarke claims he has yet to see Havertz produce a performance that has positively influenced an Arsenal game, stating that while he hasn’t been horrible, he is yet to truly make an effect for his new team.

Havertz has yet to have a truly great game.

Clarke mentioned the 24-year-old.

“No one knows, I can’t place him in Arsenal’s strongest XI yet because he hasn’t produced a performance that has really, really impacted the game positively and that’s just being honest,” Clarke told the BBC.

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“I don’t think he’s been bad, but he hasn’t bossed a game, he hasn’t produced any truly incredible moments, and as a result, nobody knows whether he should be a midfielder or a striker.”

“Last night is a good example; Saka and Martinelli came in after a couple of mediocre games and were incredible.”

“They absolutely tormented Sevilla, ripping them apart and providing incredible entertainment.”

“With Kai, he was there and he knitted things together OK and he didn’t do anything bad, but he didn’t shine and I think that’s what all Arsenal fans are waiting for from Kai Havertz, they’re waiting for that match where he really shines.”

What does he do?

Havertz has yet to have a good Arsenal game, and to be honest, we don’t even know what a good Havertz game might look like.

He’s not quite a striker, not quite a number ten, and not quite a midfielder, so what should we look for?

His game isn’t defined by goals or assists, he doesn’t break up or influence play, and he isn’t much of a defensive contributor.

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Unfortunately, Havertz often appears lost on the pitch and never appears to be contributing anything to the Gunners.

Havertz has yet to have a standout game for Arsenal, and we don’t see him ever having one.

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