If not arrogance, How can you keep a player that gave you winning last season at Villa Park on the bench and you want to Win’: Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger slams Arteta decision to Keep £40m player on the bench throughout yesterday

In the recent clash at Villa Park, Arsenal found themselves grappling with the formidable force of Villa, marking another occasion where Unai Emery, haunting his former team, witnessed his tactics pose a challenge.

Villa’s impressive home form continued, setting the stage for a dominant performance fueled by an early goal from John McGinn. As the match unfolded, the stands were buzzing with discussions about Mikel Arteta’s strategies, especially when some of his key players faltered in critical moments that could have turned the tide.

One pivotal moment unfolded midway through the second half when Gabriel Jesus found himself behind the Villa defense, only to deliver a shocking first touch, squandering a golden opportunity. Jamie Carragher, providing insights on Sky Sports, didn’t mince words, highlighting the magnitude of Jesus’s error. “This would have been a lot more dangerous if Gabriel Jesus could have sorted his first touch out; he was in. It’s really poor,” Carragher remarked.

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The scrutiny extended beyond that specific moment, reflecting on Jesus’s overall performance in the game. The £45 million signing failed to exhibit his usual ball-holding prowess and succumbed to challenges from Villa defenders, hitting the ground more often than expected.

In front of the goal, Jesus lacked the elusive killer instinct, a quality crucial for a striker. The cited instance served as a microcosm of his entire 90 minutes on the pitch, raising questions about whether he truly fits the bill for Arsenal’s striking needs. The match highlighted instances where Jesus, though undoubtedly a top player with a significant impact at Arsenal, fell short in the goal-scoring department.

As debates surrounding Jesus’s efficacy in front of goal persist, the consensus grows that the Gunners may be in need of a different kind of striker. While acknowledging Gabriel Jesus’s talents, it becomes evident that his goal-scoring record leaves something to be desired, and this match underscored the necessity for a more ruthless presence in critical moments for Arsenal.

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