Impressive star should get dropped for World class act – Arsenal boss told!

Gabby Agbonlahor believes Gabriel Jesus should start for Arsenal against Everton instead of Eddie Nketiah.

Jesus missed the first three games of the 2023-24 season due to a knee ailment that kept him out for the most of the previous season. He has, nevertheless, totally healed during the last few months.

Despite the Brazilian star’s intensive recuperation, Nketiah has scored two goals in three of Arsenal’s first five games this season.


According to Ewan Kingsbury of Football Insider, Agbonlahor, “I believe Jesus is the best player for Arsenal.” When Arteta brought him to the team, I’m sure he thought he was getting his new first-choice striker.

“When both guys are healthy, Jesus is the better player, but he has had injury issues.” Nketiah may be a better finisher or poacher, but Jesus makes a huge contribution to Arsenal.

Saka and Martinelli gain significantly as he breaks away of his opponents and into the gap. In my opinion, Jesus should start for Arsenal in their upcoming away match against Everton.

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Nketiah has cautioned the Brazilian international that he will need to put in a lot of effort to regain his starting position, but he has also stated he is prepared to fight for his spot in the starting lineup.

“Being in competition with him (Jesus) is nice,” he said to reporters at St. George’s Park. That can only be advantageous to both him and me.

“We both want to support the team and accomplish the same goal. In training, we give each other more. It’s a pleasant and healthy competition. We are supportive of one another and have a nice relationship.

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