‘Unless they are being wiped out,if not in the next 7 years to come Arsenal cannot smell Title’: Jamie Carragher warns Arteta to wipe two Arsenal player out by January or His sack letter is coming

Jamie Carragher feels Arsenal will fail to win the Premier League this season due to goalie and striker concerns.

Newcastle United defeated Mikel Arteta’s side 1-0 at St James’ Park on Saturday evening, handing Mikel Arteta’s side their first Premier League defeat of the season.

Arteta described the decision to allow Anthony Gordon’s winner as a ‘disgrace’ and a ’embarrassment’ after the goal was subjected to three VAR checks before being allowed to stand.

Arsenal had just one attempt on target during the encounter, and Carragher believes Arteta’s team is not as ‘fluid’ in attack as it was last season.

Carragher also called David Raya a ‘big problem’ and believes the Spaniard will lose Arsenal the Premier League title this season.

‘It’s as if I’m watching a different squad,’ Carragher said to Sky Sports.

‘They’re more solid defensively, but they’re not as fluid or create as many opportunities.

Do Arsenal have a center-forward and a goalkeeper capable of winning the league? I don’t believe they have. When it comes to crucial positions where clubs win leagues, it falls into both categories.

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‘Replacing Aaron Ramsdale wasn’t a mistake in the sense that Ramsdale wasn’t going to win you the league. But the individual he’s chosen to come in right now is all over the place.

‘I believe that adding in Declan Rice has helped them, but they haven’t moved the goalie dial. They don’t seem as fluid, and it’s not simply because of the new guys.

‘Those who were playing out of their skin last year aren’t quite firing this year.

‘Don’t let that get buried in all the VAR nonsense of the Arsenal goalkeeper making another error. Mikel Arteta is now facing a major dilemma.

‘This is a major issue. He’s made the identical error he made against Chelsea a few weeks back. He was able to get away with it against Sevilla, but not here.

‘The goalkeeper just continues to edge forward. The goalie is outside his near post when the ball leaves Willock’s foot again. This is a common topic for this goalkeeper.

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‘Then he finds himself out of position, unable to reach, and the foul suffers as a result. I believe Gabriel is stooping because he believes the ball will elude the goalie. The focus will be on VAR, and everyone will be discussing it, but Raya is a major issue.’

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