“Why would you do that as a professional footballer, that’s very wrong of you”- Arsenal Legend Thierry angrily blasts Arsenal’s shaky player after his performance against Lens in the champions league on Tuesday

“Why would you do that as a professional footballer, that’s very wrong of you”- Arsenal Great Thierry fiercely criticizes Arsenal’s fragile player following his performance in the Champions League against Lens on Tuesday.


Thierry Henry was dissatisfied with William Saliba’s defending of RC Lens’ second goal as Arsenal lost in the Champions League.

It was Arsenal’s first defeat under Mikel Arteta this season, and they can’t make many excuses since it was deserved.

The crucial moment came when Elye Wahi got space inside the penalty area after a cross from the right channel and stroked home the winning goal.

Thierry Henry chastised Willaim Saliba for backing off and allowing Lens striker Thierry Henry to shoot, saying, ‘I have never seen the space scoring a goal’ on CBS Sport on Paramount+ (03/10/23 at 10:35 pm).

That was a rare lapse of judgment from the France international, who has been brilliant since making his senior debut for Arsenal last season.

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But, as Henry pointed out, sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth, as he discussed his fellow countryman’s performance in the Champions League last night.

Thierry Henry slams William Saliba
“But can we talk about Saliba,” Henry asked. “A goal is never scored in the space.” Could you please locate your striker?

“Returning to the previous angle, he never looks at the number nine.” Only the nine can score in that situation. The winger can also come inside. Saliba never observes what Wahi does. Never ever look!

“I have never seen the space scoring a goal.”

It was inevitable, yet this is Arsenal’s first defeat of the season, and they must move on soon.

Arsenal’s main concern is the injury to Bukayo Saka, especially with the Manchester City game coming up.

Saliba and others will be back to their best in no time, but it won’t help matters if Saka is out for an extended amount of time, which could have been prevented.

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