BREAKING – Arsenal could be given the EPL Title after Man City breaches 115 Premier League Rules as EPL Giants set to be hit with 12 points Deductions

Arsenal fans couldn’t help but be frustrated as their club competed with Manchester City for the title last season, a race they eventually lost to Pep Guardiola’s team.

They were concerned about the 115 claimed rule infractions ascribed to their title competitors, albeit knowing that these matters would not be settled until the final season.

However, Arsenal’s condition could be even more serious. The Premier League has demanded that Everton be punished severely for allegedly violating Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

If found guilty, Everton may face a 12-point deduction, a new high for a Premier League team.

This news has refocused attention on Manchester City and their continuing issue with the Premier League, which has been under investigation since it was revealed earlier this year.

The overwhelming amount of complaints leveled against City is the reason for the relative hush around this problem.

This has resulted in a protracted procedure that could take years to complete, which may bring some relief to Arsenal fans for the time being.

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On social media, James Carragher made a fairly amusing comparison between the potential punishment for Everton and what Manchester City could face if proven guilty.

The former Liverpool defender stated on X (previously known as Twitter): “The PL [Premier League] wants a 12-point deduction for Everton for one charge.” If the Premier League has their way, Man City will finish up in the National League North!!”

In reality, the Commission is conducting its investigation of the claims behind closed doors, with strict confidentiality.

It’s unlikely that any information regarding when we could be nearing the end will become available until the procedure is finished. As a result, the anxiety associated with this scenario may arise from the unknown of when it will be resolved.

There is a reasonable argument that a potential points deduction for Manchester City, particularly one higher than what Everton is presently facing, may not be sufficient to compensate for the damage done. Arsenal, like any other club in the last decade, might argue that the title would have been theirs if not for City’s alleged violations.

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In today’s world, a point penalty, in addition to potential fines, may be viewed as a suitable punishment if City is proven to have benefited from the alleged infractions. It is obvious that such an advantage, if verified, might have lasted for several seasons.

Even Pep Guardiola believes that the best-case scenario is for a settlement to be achieved “as soon as possible” to bring the subject to a close. Arsenal, understandably, hopes to benefit, but the final outcome remains undetermined at this time.

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