He is the only one In the Arsenal squad that I love so much,He is my playmate in training’: William Saliba names ONE Arsenal player that He really loves to watch all the time

William Saliba has singled out a particular Arsenal teammate as the one he holds in high regard, expressing a strong bond and admiration for this player during training sessions.

Declan Rice, despite his hefty £105m price tag this summer, has swiftly garnered favor among fans at the Emirates due to his consistent performances and evident dedication to the club.

Rice’s appeal extends beyond the fan base, as teammates are increasingly developing admiration for the midfielder.

In a conversation with the Premier League, Saliba shed light on his appreciation for playing alongside Rice, emphasizing the midfielder’s notable courage on the field.

According to Saliba, Rice’s courage stands out as his most commendable quality. From a defensive perspective, having a player like Rice in front is described as a dream scenario by Saliba.

Rice’s willingness to engage in challenges without compromising defensive integrity adds to his reputation as a courageous and committed player.

Regardless of opinions on Rice’s technical abilities or his substantial price tag, Saliba portrays him as a warrior on the pitch who strives not to let his teammates down.

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Saliba emphasizes the crucial role a midfielder like Rice plays in fortifying the defense, contributing to Arsenal’s formidable defensive unit, which has proven nearly impervious this season.

Both Rice and Saliba have been instrumental in shaping Arsenal’s defense into one of the most formidable in Europe.

As the Gunners pursue success in the league, their defensive prowess, led by players like Rice, emerges as a pivotal aspect of their campaign.

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