“He’s the only Arsenal player i enjoy watching, he has the ability to tear up defenses in a blink of an eye”- Manchester City forward, Jerome Doku was full of praises for ‘exceptional’ Arsenal star who’s having a really great season as he wishes to play with him- Not Saka, Not Rice and Not Martinelli

Jerome Doku, the rising star from Manchester City, has expressed his admiration for his fellow Belgian, Leandro Trossard, who is making a significant impact at Arsenal this season. Trossard’s creative flair, goal-scoring ability, and versatility on the field have caught Doku’s eye, making him the only Arsenal player Doku truly enjoys watching.

Doku, known for his electrifying pace and technical skills, recognizes Trossard’s exceptional contributions since joining Arsenal from Brighton in 2021. Trossard’s style of play has resonated with fans globally, earning him a special place not only in the hearts of Arsenal supporters but also in the eyes of his compatriot Doku.

Key to Trossard’s standout performances is his creativity, evident in his vision, dribbling skills, and knack for creating goal-scoring opportunities. His left-footed strikes and accurate shooting have made him a consistent threat in front of the net, often turning the tide of games in Arsenal’s favor.

Doku also praises Trossard’s versatility, as he seamlessly adapts to different positions on the field based on the team’s needs. Trossard’s commitment is not only evident in his attacking contributions but also in his defensive efforts, showcasing a tireless work ethic that resonates with his teammates.

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Trossard’s dedication to self-improvement and setting high standards for himself and his team hasn’t gone unnoticed. In the football world, witnessing the camaraderie between players like Doku and Trossard is inspiring, showcasing the power of unity and shared goals within a team.

As both players continue to leave their mark on the footballing world, Doku’s admiration for Trossard underlines the qualities that make him a fan favorite – exceptional creativity, goal-scoring prowess, versatility, and unwavering work ethic. The mutual respect and support between these two players serve as a reminder of the positive impact teammates can have on each other, inspiring fans globally.

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  1. True thanks for the appreciation mr.doku just know that Arsenal is one of the best team to shape up footballers..

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