HUGE BLOW FOR ERIK TEN HAG with the latest updates but the fans are not happy with the new managerial changes”-La Liga manager about t break Madrid Fans heart after he was “offered” a huge job amid new Sir Jim Ratcliffe delay.

In a significant development for Manchester United, manager Erik ten Hag is facing a challenging situation in his second season, with the team grappling with a considerable injury crisis, leading to a dip in form. Currently occupying the sixth position in the Premier League table with 23 points after 13 games, the team is also struggling in the Champions League group stage, sitting at the bottom with just two games remaining.

Recent reports from Spain have added a layer of uncertainty to the situation, suggesting that Real Madrid’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has been “offered” the Manchester United job for the upcoming season. This revelation comes at a time when Ten Hag’s team is showing positive signs in the Premier League, sitting at the top of the form charts with five wins in their last six league fixtures.

Despite the team’s recent success, there is lingering speculation about Ten Hag’s future, particularly with the anticipated announcement of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s 25% stake in Manchester United. However, according to reliable sources like David Ornstein, the announcement of Ratcliffe’s stake is not expected imminently, causing frustration among those associated with INEOS and within the club.

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Initial expectations were for the Ratcliffe deal to be confirmed over the recent international break, but that did not materialize. Subsequent delays, including those related to Thanksgiving holidays in America, have further extended the timeline. Despite these setbacks, there is a belief that the delays are attributed to a meticulous review of the transaction terms, and it is anticipated that the deal will eventually go through.

The uncertainty surrounding the managerial situation and the pending ownership announcement add an air of intrigue to Manchester United’s current season, making it a critical period for the club as they navigate challenges on and off the pitch.

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