“I don’t think I was unfair, I made it plain and clear from day one” – Mikel Arteta get back to respond wailing Arsenal man, saying he won’t start Player for discipline reason against Sheffield United, Not Ramsdale Arsenal

“I don’t think I was unfair; I made it clear from day one,” Mikel Arteta responds to crying Arsenal guy, insisting he won’t start Player against Sheffield United for discipline reasons, not Ramsdale.

Mikel Arteta has confessed that he is trying hard to improve his touchline demeanor so that he may better represent Arsenal.

Arteta was chastised for his behavior last season and has already been booked twice this season, meaning a third yellow card would result in a one-game touchline ban.

Despite the competitive nature of top-flight football, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claims he is making a “conscious effort” to act differently.

“Sometimes when I look at myself and I’m so agitated I think it can sometimes give an image that is not the best, mainly for the club,” he was quoted as saying by reporters on Friday.

“Some decisions are difficult to accept when you are in the heat of the moment because you are representing the club and want to defend them.” That is what motivates me.

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“It is to defend the players and the club.” There is nothing else. It isn’t about me.

“You’re there to be on it and make sure we’re the best we can be and the most competitive we can be.” That is the only motivation.

“I believe I am evolving. Please let me know if you have a different opinion. But I’ve made a concerted effort.”

Arteta is considering a ban, but not too seriously, remarking, “I don’t know why we get three yellows and the players can have five.”

“You know, we’re there every game, every minute.” Some players are on the bench, and some are wounded, but we are present. We can only have three yellows.

“Players are unable to. It’s not fair, is it?”

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