“That’s not what you were suppose to do except you want to kill your career at a young age”- Arsenal icon slams ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unserious’ Arsenal star after the offense he committed in the dressing room following the victory at Bournemouth

Nicol has slammed Arsenal for allowing Kai Havertz to take their second penalty in the game against Bournemouth on Saturday.

On ESPN, an Arsenal reporter was stating after the Gunners produced a magnificent performance to depart the south coast with a 4-0 win and all three points.

In the game, Kai Havertz created an Arsenal account. The German has had a difficult start to life in North London, failing to live up to expectations following his big-money summer move.

Havertz has received a great deal of criticism. And it appears that Arsenal players were eager to give their comrade a significant boost over the weekend.

Martin Odegard was dragged down by a clumsy challenge from Ryan Christie with Arsenal leading 2-0. Odegaard had already received their first penalty. And it was Bukayo Saka who took their second spot-kick of the day.

Saka, on the other hand, passed the ball to Havertz. And the 24-year-old managed to locate the bottom corner. It was evident that the goal meant a lot to all of his teammates. Arsenal fans will be hoping that this is a watershed moment for the forward.

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Nicol, on the other hand, believes it was terrible and might have easily backfired on Arsenal had Havertz missed.

“If Arsenal’s life depends on it, Saka or Odegaard will take it.” Havertz isn’t having it. So, with a score of 2-0, the game is over.

“What if he misses it and Bournemouth scores two late goals?” That is not your style. If you’re the coach of a team and you let things like that happen, it spreads to other areas. You must be precise. Orders are orders, after all.

“Do you think him scoring a goal there will change the way he plays in the middle of the park?” No, it isn’t. It’s inappropriate.”

Gunners’ gamble pays off

It was a gamble. Imagine the backlash Arsenal and Havertz would have gotten if the effort had been saved or missed. And it would have gone even farther if Bournemouth had taken anything from the game.

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Arsenal will argue that they were at ease against Andoni Iraola’s side. However, Nottingham Forest demonstrated on the first day at the Emirates that a late goal may alter what appears to be a straightforward victory.

It did, however, pay off in the end. Havertz also has a very strong penalty record during his career (according to Transfermarket). It might not make much of a difference in Havertz’s form. But when he found the back of the goal, it was clear how much it meant to the players.

That kind of team spirit can propel Arsenal to the top of the table.

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